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1. Umba Bells and Dog

2. Crazy Russian

3. I am Laika, I come from Space

4. Zapoljarny Soundsystem 1

5. Zapoljarny Soundsystem 2

6. I feel like I´m home

7. Churchbells of Varzuga

8. Murmansk Cik Cirik

9. Kirkenes Horny Seagull

10. Dolls

11. Beautiful View

12. Sevetti Stones

13. Black Mosquito

14. Happy Barents People

15. More north than north

16. Pasvik Taiga Husky

17. Russian Alphabet

18. Finish Alphabet

19. Norwegian Alphabet

20. Swedish Alphabet

21. Latvian Alphabet

22. Japanese Alphabet

23. Wind in Varzuga

24. Monsjegorsk Choir

25. Whisky Go-Go

26. The White Sea

Instructions to order for your phone:

1. Send sms to +47 xxx xx xxx (sorry - this service is currently unavailable) with the message KOLA <no. of ringtone> and you will receive an MMS with your selected tone attached.
2. Select the soundfile in the MMS and store it on your phone
3. Select it as a ringtone.

Or you can download the sounds in .amr format and upload them to your phone by yourself (via Bluetooth or other means).